3Deal is an independent consultancy based in Westminster, London SW1. 

Mark and associates draw from over 30 years of experience in communications and analysis focussed on Arabic and the Middle East.

Communications: Arabic – Training – Consultancy

Analysis: Security – Politics – Business

Communications and analysis are two sides of the same coin. As humans we communicate in myriad forms, constantly. We also analyse instinctively and subliminally. 

Linguists are among the most capable people to work with to achieve precise, effective communications and meticulous, insightful analysis. Why? 

Linguists are people who have learned languages other than their native languages. We acquire a number of instinctive behaviours that are often overlooked. One of the key behaviours is ACTIVE LISTENING. This is where we have – perhaps subconsciously but often deliberately – planned ahead before a conversation occurs, and pay careful attention throughout the interaction. 

We acquire the instincts to ask ourselves myriad questions, such as:

  • Who is the person we’re speaking with, in age, social background, class, religion and more?
  • What is the point of the conversation and what outcomes are anticipated? 
  • Why is the person we’re speaking with using particular words and phrases, and what are their stated and unstated their motivations?
  • What is their non-verbal (body) language expressing? We can look for the tells, the eye contact, their posture leaning forward or backward, legs folded towards us or away from us. 
  • We also begin to instinctively gauge patterns of behaviour, from language. We establish what ‘normal’ looks and sounds like so when something changes we spot it quickly. We get to the heart of the matter. 

So, precise communication and detailed analysis form two sides of the same coin. That’s one reason we at 3Deal offer connected professional services in both disciplines. It’s because, as linguists, we have learned to do both, constantly and instinctively. We bring these skills to our clients in our carefully-crafted professional communications and analysis services.

In short, 3Deal benefits from the rare combination of skills that linguists develop: analysis; insight; sociability; flexibility; independence; curiosity. 

By using our services you can also benefit from this array of skills to enhance and augment your own analysis and communications.