2nd Digital in Kent Conference

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A re-conceptualisation of East Kent as an archipelago of islands beyond the economic 'mainland'.

A re-conceptualisation of East Kent as an archipelago of islands beyond the economic ‘mainland’.

I’ve been meaning to write about this sooner but the challenges of the new company mean I haven’t had much time since. Here are 4 elements that have stuck with me after nearly a fortnight:

  1. A combination of the fastest trains in the UK and the emerging digital revolution seems to be creating a real buzz in (south-) East Kent. A cluster has formed, as part of the Folkestone Arts Quarter that includes web content and marketing specialists, and these companies are growing. This is a real phenomenon, and one that we can replicate elsewhere in East Kent. DigiDeal anyone?
  2. You have to credit digital ‘missionaries’ such as Luke Quilter of Sleeping Giant Media, Jonnie Jensen of Live+Social and Josh Whiten of Webscape Marketing for energetically explaining the new digital landscape. They have organised both the Digital in Kent conferences and given seminars at the recent Kent B2B Conference at Canterbury. Sure, such events are part of the ‘marketing mix’, but they provide invaluable insight and motivation to lots of local people and that can only be good for all of us.
  3. As well as a classic opportunity for networking and meeting interesting local people (I only encountered one person from London, who was amusingly patronising about ‘coming down’ until I told him I was getting the train before him!), the conference created a buzz of shared purpose and shared interest that standard events don’t really have. I got a feeling of ‘inclusion’ and the reassurance that we at 3Deal are on the right track with a lot of things (not all, ouch).
  4. There are many digital trends that range from the strategic and technological to the tactical. I mean the difference between creating great content and throwing a few key words for ‘SEO’ on your website, or between apps as a phenomenon and a specific ‘app’. The online world is not the wild west any more but remains untamed and full of possibilities, and the speakers like Leonard Weinreich and Tim Arnold were helpful in reminding us of established best practices and avoiding gimmicks. As you know, we at 3Deal nail our colours firmly to the mast of great content.

I had to leave this conference mid-afternoon to help a friend set up a website in London, but wish I could have stayed for the end. It was a day very well spent and mercifully painless to reach; being held at the Folkestone Quarterhouse. In contrast Kent 2020 Vision at Detling next week is a real nuisance to travel to. It hope it’s as worthwhile.

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