Office: (44) (0) 5603 676623  |  Independent Communications Consultancy based Westminster, London SW1
Office: (44) (0) 5603 676623  |  Independent Communications Consultancy based Westminster, London SW1

The refreshed 3Deal Ltd logo in full with our traditional strapline and freshly colour-coded services.

[Please note this is an archived blog post and the content is no longer current]

As part of our constant quest to improve in all respects (yes, companies should have continuous professional development too), I refreshed the brand last week, on the website and in print. We’re just going into a phase of stronger marketing, with an email newsletter going out tomorrow, so I wanted to enhance the brand identity. A major aim is also to aid recognition and navigation around our 4 services.

To be fair, our service offering is quite complex! After all, it straddles the fields of book production, film-making, document handling of many types and the exciting virtual world of social media. What I wanted to do was ensure our offering to our customers remains as simple and transparent as it has always been. That’s a reason for having our ‘100 items for £95’ package in Digitalive. It also fits into our ethos of publishing our prices to reassure our customers.

So, for those font geeks out there, 3Deal Ltd and the strapline retain their American Typewriter typeface. I love this because it is so strongly reminiscent of traditional authorship, and for me learning to type on ancient typewriters back in the 1980s. The 4 service names and their primary characteristics remain in Nueva, which is pleasantly lean and funky. To these, I’ve added some crisp pastel colours, and also expanded them into stand-alone stripes that can decorate the website pages and even merge together into the little favicon.

3Deal 4 colour line

So, each of the services is now colour-coded throughout the website. By aiding navigation in this way, we’ve been able to remove some of the text, but there still has to be some text! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. The next step might be to investigate some branded merchandise!

We guide you through setting social media objectives for yourself and your business, then run a tailored 1-1 expert mentoring day. We also offer support and long-term consultancy. Proven more effective than going to training course.

Check out our 100 for £95 offer for these vital project management and back-end services! 100 * pages * or video minutes * or images * or photos * Digitised and preserved for just £95. Call or email now to book.

From £395. Hesitating about publishing your book? Our Verbalive services can help you with book and ebook production including transcription, layout, editing and copy-editing.

Speak directly to your audience: your customers; your web visitors; your family; or even the future. After all, the past lives with you and the present is but the blink of an eye. Great for confidence-building.




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