Accident at Shabshir el-Hissa

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My old sketch of the station building at Shabshir el-Hissa (1995)

After posting a list of train accidents earlier in this set, I was rather disturbed to see the pattern continuing. Here’s yet another level crossing collision from last Wednesday night, luckily with no fatalities but 12 passengers from the tourist coach reported injured. A Tanta to Muhalla el-Kubra local service seems to have hit a coach at a level crossing in the village of Shabshir el-Hissa, just north-east of Tanta.

I won’t post the photos here but they are available in a slideshow here and are reasonable considering they were taken at night.

I remember Shabshir el-Hissa for different reasons, as my sketch of the station shows. For good measure, here’s one of the old Edmonson tickets I bought at the station on the day I sketched it, 1st September 1995. The ticket office is the right hand kiosk with the open door. It’s an older style (even then) with clean type and good calligraphy, and priced in obsolete millims, for a 3rd class single adult journey from Shabshir el-Hissa to Zaqaziq via Tanta.

Shabshir el-Hissa Edmonson ticket to Zaqaziq via Tanta priced in millims. (Author)

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