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Aldwych station is now an unlikely film star. Although it shut as a public tube station in 1994, London Transport keep it in working order and audiences all over the world have seen it in blockbuster movies and TV series such as James Bond and Sherlock. It was the setting for a scene in SSGB that aired in March 2017.

This ticket is dated 11th February 1985 and I remember the strange experience of buying it in the ‘ticket office’ which was a man with a ticket kiosk in the lift. Apparently the ‘ticket office’ was there from 1922 until the station shut (see Wikipedia here).


I help people and businesses organise their marketing, which saves time and stress. As part of this I created a straightforward way to help people develop anecdotes, which are the building blocks to confidence and assertiveness in groups of people. I help people strengthen their small-talk for social situations such as networking events and elsewhere. Stories about places are a great way to begin. Get in touch if want to start telling great stories.

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