Analysis: Security – Politics – Business

Analysis is a way of life that forms one side of a coin with communications as the other side. As our analysis becomes more meticulous so our communications become more precise and more tailored: better suited to their ultimate purpose. 

Linguists are among the most capable people to work with to achieve meticulous, insightful analysis and precise, effective communications. Why? 

At 3Deal we know from experience the essence of communication is actually anticipation. We learn to anticipate the structures and meanings of language around us, ie the grammar and lexical sets. When we anticipate like this we are formulating a thesis, ahead of time, often instantaneously and instinctively, about what the other person will say in a context and why. We become used to listening actively for the reactions and ‘true’ nature of an exchange. The responses form the antithesis and consequently the result of the exchange is the synthesis, where meaning is understood by those involved. 

Most people learn this type of analysis through life and many do so consciously. At 3Deal we recognise the great expertise linguists develop in this analysis through the constant framing and re-framing of thesis-antithesis-synthesis, often at great speed.

Moreover, in order to learn and master languages, many linguists challenge themselves by travelling and living in unfamiliar places among unfamiliar people until such time as these cease being unfamiliar and become as familiar as at ‘home’. This exchanges the familiar rigidity of the home society for the flexible understanding of multiple societies as they relate internally and with one another, as well as understanding the role of an individual within and between them. 

Not only do linguists bring strong analytical skills, they bring enhanced insight and greater people skills. These valuable professional skills are often strengthened further when the additional language that the linguist has learnt is farther away from the home language, for example between English and Arabic or English and Mandarin. 

So in short, 3Deal benefits from the rare combination of skills that linguists develop: analysis; insight; sociability; flexibility; independence; curiosity. 

By using our services you can also benefit from this array of skills to enhance and augment your own analysis and communications.