Publishing books, ebooks and magazines

Writing and publishing long-form books, ebooks and magazines is hard work and not to be attempted lightly. These are not projects you can attempt in a haphazard unplanned way. On the contrary they take meticulous planning, dedication, passion and commitment, as well as technical knowledge.

Save time: talk early!

With over 20 years experience in writing and publishing everything from brochures to academic and commercial books, I’m delighted to share my knowledge with you. Having a conversation with me as early in the process as possible can be very helpful and save considerable time and heartache down the line.

Encouraging and editing…

Being a published author of six of my own books, as well as author of numerous marketing items, articles and digital content pieces gives me a great overview of the processes involved. This is not just my expert knowledge of Adobe InDesign, but also the solitude and mental discipline necessary to complete a book or long article. Having someone along for the journey, to edit and encourage, is very helpful. I’ve also been known to do ghost-writing!

Ebooks and digital publishing:

With so many formats for digital publications what are the best ones to choose and how can you do them? We’re here to help and advise, and we’re also happy to do them for you. We’ll lay them out properly and list them for sale via your own website or through Amazon or similar.

Mark's Books

I practise what I preach and have written 6 books myself. Please scroll down to discover more and to buy directly from this page. Kindle versions of all my books are for sale on the Amazon website. Below you’ll find all my books in print and electronic (PDF) form. They cover personal development, practical marketing workbooks and my old classic Steel in the Sand. I create all my print books and ebooks using Adobe InDesign and publish them all through my Hassoun Press imprint. Hassoun is Arabic for Goldfinch.

General Interest

Business Marketing

Personal Marketing

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