Business Analysis and Entrepreneurship Training for UK and MENA.

Business Analysis

Having run an independent business for some years in the UK, focussed on the British market, but with a long-term knowledge of Arabic and the Middle East, Mark is well-placed to offer clients independent analysis, briefings and insight into certain business sectors in both Middle East/North Africa and the United Kingdom. These are media, technology and transport. 

  • Business Analysis, Briefings and Insight – MENA Media Sector
  • Business Analysis, Briefings and Insight – MENA Technology Sector
  • Business Analysis, Briefings and Insight – MENA Transport Sector

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training

As a business owner and director, and a member of the Institute of Directors in London, Mark offers training, insight and advice on leadership and entrepreneurship. He is particularly committed to helping new entrepreneurs in the UK and Middle East, and committed to helping establish flourishing small and family business sectors through post-conflict civil society reconstruction projects. 

We run training based on best practice but tempered with real-life experience in the UK and MENA regions:

  • Entrepreneurship in the UK
  • Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Leadership in small/SME businesses (UK)
  • Leadership in small/SME businesses (MENA)

Please get in touch for more details about these training courses.