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Cairo to the Coast

From Cairo to the Coast

I filmed and produced Cairo to the Coast in 2004. It was originally a 67-minute documentary sold on DVD. It is no longer for sale but I have created a video snippet from each of the 7 chapters which you can play below. If you want to develop scripts, story-boards, interviews or production for one of your own videos, please get in touch.

Originally filmed in September 2004, the film was intended to highlight some of the more diverse features of the network, and different locations. The action flows from the huge Cairo Central Station out to Cairo’s two metro lines, then north through the lesser-known areas of the fertile Nile Delta region as far as Alexandria, Egypt’s second city on the Mediterranean coast.

This film comprises 7 individual chapters which are

  1. Cairo Central Station
  2. Cairo Metro Lines 1 and 2
  3. Cairo to Alexandria Mainline
  4. Tanta Junction
  5. Tanta Day and Night
  6. Alexandria and Abu Qir
  7. Deeper into the Delta

With useful maps, on-screen explanatory captions and a full informative commentary, this film was meant to be the next closest thing to being there for the viewer. It forms an historical record of railway operations in the unique Nile Delta landscapes in the first years of the 21st century.

From Cairo to the Coast documentary 2004
Original Cairo to the Coast DVD cover
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1: Cairo Central Station

On location in the historic trainshed, and with archive footage of early steam and diesel locomotives

2: Cairo Metro Lines 1&2

On location on Line 1 at Mar Girgis station, and Line 2 at Opera and Agricultural Faculty stations.

3: Cairo to Alexandria Mainline

Great footage from expertly-chosen wayside vantage points at Difra, Shubra el-Nimla and Kafr el-Zayat stations as trains of all classes thunder through at speed.

4: Tanta Junction

The centre of Delta operations merits two chapters. This first one looks at its history and mainline operations.

5: Tanta Day & Night

The centre of Delta operations merits two chapters. The second film at this important junction looks at Minuf line services, more mainline services and operations after sunset into the atmospheric night.

6: Alexandria & Abu Qir

Initially covering Alexandria’s 3 stations and concentrating on the elegant Misr terminal, this film moves to cover intensive diesel push-pull workings at the suburban terminus of Abu Qir.

7: Deeper into the Delta

The final chapter moves to important secondary lines in the central and northern Delta to look at trains passing at Santa, Muhallet Ruh and finally Mansoura stations, with a final look over the Nile as the train heads from Mansoura to Talkha.