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Office: (44) (0) 5603 676623  |  Independent Communications Consultancy based Westminster, London SW1

Kerry Rubins walks on the Crocus Walk for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

[Archive 2014]

Kerry Rubins was at a project meeting I attended in October 2013 and I was impressed by her passion and by how much she’d raised for charity: Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I wanted to interview her pro bono simply to publicise her fundraising work, and help spread the word about the great example she was setting. She agreed (after a little persuasion) and we ran the interview on Monday 25th November 2013. Pressure of work over the intervening time (and Christmas holidays) meant I didn’t get an opportunity to make the film until last week, and finally finished it yesterday.

The Interview

Kerry is articulate and passionate, and these qualities come across very well in the interviews. As always, I prefer to divide the interviews into smaller (bite-size) filmlets of 3-5 minutes rather than having a single long film. This is for various reasons: mainly because they’re delivered via the internet so the whole process of rendering, uploading and playing is simpler. It also gives more control to the viewer (and more chance for search engine optimisation, but that’s a different story).

We followed our standard procedures at the beginning; namely to chat, identify the overall objectives of the interview and then send a questionnaire and running order. Kerry was able to vet the questions in advance, prepare her responses and recall the detail of particular people and stories.

The interview itself last about an hour and was filmed in HD, but without a microphone. Then she turned the tables and interviewed me for the community listening project! When I started editing, as usual in Final Cut Pro, it soon became clear that the material would be best served by creating 3 films each concentrating on a different aspect. These are as follows:

  • Chapter 1 (4m37s): Love People, Love Living
  • Chapter 2 (4m21s): Breakthrough Breast Cancer
  • Chapter 3 (4m57s): Awards and Events 2014

I hope they show Kerry as the local hero she is, and help her raise lots more money during 2014 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Imagine what an interview and film could do for you and your business. You can watch the 3 films on our Local Heroes page.

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