Communications: Arabic – Training – Consultancy

Communications are a way of life that form one side of a coin with analysis as the other side. As our communications become more precise and better tailored to their ultimate purpose, so our analysis has to become more meticulous and finely-honed. Without that we run the constant risk that, as the playwright George Bernard Shaw expressed it, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

At 3Deal we know from long experience that linguists are among the most capable people to work with to achieve precise, effective communications and meticulous, insightful analysis. Why?

We have all experienced situations of failed communications. Sometimes we can’t ask for something while on holiday or working in an unfamiliar place. Sometimes we go into a conversation with misplaced expectations and are puzzled when it ends unexpectedly or badly. Sometimes a politician is booed and his/her message scorned, even when the message is actually right. Sometimes a new product fails because it fails to find its target market, even though it’s a great product. 

The “Illusion of Communication” can and does have far-reaching consequences for people, economies and societies. It can lead whole countries to war or economic ruin. 

Conversely, of course, the opposite is true. We have all experienced situation of successful communications, when we meet our future partner; make our loved-ones laugh; clinch a successful deal; win an election; or even broker a deal for peace. In these cases we have often invested time and resources in our own attractiveness; telling better stories; understanding our offer; understanding our target partners, customers and voters. In short we have analysed ourselves and started to analyse those we’re interacting with. 

Even ‘lapsed’ linguists retain a permanent skill-set from learning a language at school or later in life, perhaps French or Latin or English. There is the flexibility in language, enhanced listening skills and a sympathy if they encounter communications problems. 

So in short, 3Deal benefits from the rare combination of skills that linguists develop: analysis; insight; sociability; flexibility; independence; curiosity. 

By using our services you can also benefit from this array of skills to enhance and augment your own communications and analysis.