Office: (44) (0) 5603 676623  |  Independent Communications Consultancy based Westminster, London SW1
Office: (44) (0) 5603 676623  |  Independent Communications Consultancy based Westminster, London SW1


We work to improve your communications – with your help. 

On this page the services emphasise what we – 3Deal – can do to plan your communications and work as your trusted experts. The services range from a short audit to longer projects and ongoing support. Typical clients for these services include new startup businesses, larger mature businesses, smaller enterprises and freelancers.

If you prefer to carry out the work yourself – with our help – we offer a range of highly respected training and coaching programmes. If English is not your first language, this means you can improve your communications and finesse your English language skills at the same time: a very efficient use of your time. Visit our ‘Training’ section for more details.

Communications Services

We work to improve your communications on your behalf, with your help. To do this we offer a range of trusted, expert services for new startup businesses, mature larger businesses, smaller enterprises and freelancers. 

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Training Services

You want to improve your professional communications skills, and perhaps enhance your English language skills at the same time. So you work to improve your communications, with our help in training and coaching. 

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Writing Services

Discovery Stage

When you proceed with one of our communications services we start with the crucial stage of discovering what you and your business need in order to communicate better, and how we can help most efficiently. This stage can also be called the needs analysis or onboarding stage. We agree the objectives so we can help you as effectively as possible. 

From this stage we agree the right approach for you, either a Communications Audit or one of our longer programmes where we can run or manage your communications on your behalf. 

Communications Audit

The Communications Audit is a detailed audit of your business communications. We work with you to make thorough investigations according to our 50 vital criteria. Then we report our findings with detailed recommendations. We have run this ‘health check’ for many businesses, SMEs and freelancers and it provides useful detailed insight into the past, present and future health of your business communications. 

Please get in touch for more information. 

Professional Communications Support

You can use our longer programmes and ongoing support programmes to help your business communicate better in the months and years to come. In these programmes 3Deal performs regular tasks agreed as part of a service level agreement, as a communications agency and as your trusted expert support. We use a straightforward modular system so you can choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 modules. These range from simple day-to-day tasks to more complex technical support, writing, planning and strategy, and dealing with your other suppliers on your behalf. It’s up to you. 

For more information please get in touch. 

What People Say About Us

  • “I didn’t get the chance to speak to you about your presentation. It was really good and I would be happy to hear it again 😀”

    John Turner
    CEO, Educational Life
  • “Fantastic documentary, well done. I now know a famous person.”

    Esmari Hayes
  • “I think the website is fantastic – very impressed and well done! I am very pleased with the website and cannot thank you enough for your help with this.”

    Mrs Bernie Meredith
    CEO, Argosy Events Ltd
  • “A great series of posts – very evocative of the times.”

    Duncan Macmillan
    MD, Art & Soul
  • “Interesting! I’m not a linguist and wasn’t expecting to be interested but I was actually engrossed by this essay and learned a lot.”

    Stuart Groom
  • “I can’t wait to talk to Mark. I had a look at his websites: top class. Am captivated.”

    Cristina Elena
    Royal Elite Candles
  • “My book does look good!! Thank you.”

    Oonagh Bastille
    Author, 'Dying to Know'
  • “Thanks, both the videos you’ve done of me are amazing!”

    Charlie Chittenden
  • “You were a true pro to cope with those artist interviews (our first) and I thank you for handling the situation so well.”

    Freddie Middleton
    PR Consultant
  • “Perfect – very comprehensive and spot on.”

    Caroline Barratt
    VA, Practical Admin
  • “What you’ve achieved with the website and programmes is really impressive – a sincere thank you Mark.”

    Dr Mike Warren
    Founding Director
  • “Mark is like the Steve Irwin or Bear Grylls of communications. He’s had some amazing experiences and was really able to put himself in my shoes.”

    Guy M
  • “Pathways are funny things in life, in how something as traumatic as the Deal bombing or a simple misspoken word can influence a person into going left or right off them. You did the right thing for you at the time and have been proved right.”

    Wendy G
    Office Manager
  • “A good read. You’ve inspired me to give it a go.”

    Jamie Jordan
  • “Mark’s Marketing MOT programme has got me back in the driving seat of marketing my business.  I now have a marketing strategy and a plan for implementing it, rather than the ad hoc method I had before. Since working with Mark I have changed my branding as I now have a clear vision of how I want my marketing to work and how my branding represents me. Thank you Mark.”


    Karen Chambers BSc
    KC Coaching
  • “Absolutely fascinating – particularly on the mechanics of comprehension delay. Also the fact that Arabic is not monolithic.”


    Christian E
    Lecturer, Plymouth University
  • “Great presentation Mark.”

    Paul Andrews
    CEO, JIK Software Ltd
  • “I really enjoyed Mark’s presentation. He seems to have fitted about three lifetimes into one! Although there was a practical and useful element to his talk, it was the nuggets about Mark’s experiences that I have really taken away. I certainly recommend taking the opportunity to attend one of Mark’s presentations, if you can.”

    Michael Gordon
    Vows that Wow
  • “Brilliant video!”

    Katy Fryd
  • “Thank you for giving me my first shot at the marketing and tech industry. Will never forget the opportunities you’ve given me. Good luck!”

    Luke Besant
    Digital Marketing Manager, JTL

Have a Question about Comms?

We're here to help you communicate better!

Here are our main communications consultancy areas:

  • Media Communications and Media Monitoring
  • Social Media and Analytics
  • Websites and other digital media
  • Communications Strategy
  • Campaigns, including the OASIS planning framework
  • Crisis Communications
  • Content Formats and Repurposing
  • Audio including radio and podcasts
  • Video including TV
  • Interview and Presentation Techniques
  • Internal Communications

How we can help your organisation:

  • We understand organisational change and thrive in an environment of change – we’re not easily fazed by a moving goal post. What’s more, we can help you develop engaging messages and narratives that drive change.
  • We are conversant with different change models – such as the Kubler-Ross Change Curve, ADKAR, Lewin or Kotter – and can work with you using them.
  • We know how to leverage stakeholder analysis by using principles of change impact to identify communication needs, preferences and key indicators for each programme or initiative.
  • We’ve partnered over the years with business leadership and cross-functional teams, including Internal Communications, Training, IT, HR, Legal, Investor Relations, Marketing, PR and creative support teams to advise on best practice communications, in the context of change and international/EMEA operations.
  • We can help you spot risks, and ensure the risks and issues are tracked, that mitigating actions are taken, and you can ensure that all feeds into key business decisions, throughout a project lifecycle
  • We have designed and delivered of learning and training programmes
  • We’ve got the flexibility to work with the creatives on design elements, and the IT people on the technical elements, of a project
  • We thrive on defining and measuring success metrics, and we can help you monitor the change progress and business value relentlessly
  • Through the above, and as a result of our experience, we have a passion for engaging people, and building change readiness capability for both immediate and future change in the client organisation

Communications and Analysis are Two Sides of the Same Coin.

Communication is such a natural part of life that we often overlook its essential counterpart: analysis. More than that, we don’t recognise how much analysis is instinctive, instantaneous and therefore ‘below the radar’. This is true of individuals as much as organisations. As our communications become more precise and better tailored to their ultimate purpose, so our analysis has to become more meticulous and finely-honed… and definitely more thoughtful. Without that we run the constant risk that, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

Often attributed to George Bernard Shaw, Quote Investigator identified William Hollingsworth Whyte as the original sources of this quotation. He wrote: “The great enemy of communication, we find, is the illusion of it. We have talked enough; but we have not listened. And by not listening we have failed to concede the immense complexity of our society – and thus the great gaps between ourselves and those with whom we seek understanding.” (Fortune, 1950, via Quote Investigator).

This is the problem we seek to solve for you. How?

Your organisation doesn’t communicate for its own sake! Your goal is to use smart communications to change some aspect of behaviour. So we’re here to help you with our suite of services that span the communications spectrum. You can benefit from our communications expertise, inspiring e-learning, theoretical know-how and real world experience. Please get in touch for more details about the ways in which we can help you.