Businesses and organisations of all sizes benefit from bringing in consultants and working with associates. I’ve worked alongside and in many organisations in the UK and Middle East, working to improve different channels of communications. I offer consultancy about the Arabic language and the Middle East region. For the Middle East:

Briefings on pan-Arab trends

Briefings on trends within individual Arab countries.

Briefings on the Arabic language, translation and interpreting.

I offer consulting on any aspect of the following communications areas, based on best practice from the Government Communications Service and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, coupled with decades of practical and professional experience. Don’t forget, we view analysis and communications as two sides of the same coin.

Media Communications and Media Monitoring

The Middle East media landscape

Social Media and Analytics

Social Media and Analytics in the Middle East

Websites and other digital media

Websites and other digital media in the Middle East

Communications Strategy

Campaigns, including the OASIS planning framework

Crisis Communications

Content Formats and Repurposing

Audio including radio and podcasts

Video including TV

Interview and Presentation Techniques

Internal Communications

Mark has been a presenter and speaker since the 1990s and learned early about the importance of planning your communications in advance. Mark has continued his regular speaking work expanding into radio, video and podcasts with TV along the way. These include his first documentary (Cairo to the Coast) in 2004, episodes of Making History (2009), numerous interviews and radio work including being co-host of a business radio show (2018). He also speaks Arabic and French and has given interviews in both.