3Deal’s design evolution Part 2

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The 3Deal Square elegantly and subliminally reminds people of our 4 branded digital services.

[Please note that this is an archived blog post and its content is no longer current]

You’ll know from previous blogs how we’ve been speedily developing our branding during December and January.

Our services are technically quite complicated and demand quite a spread of skills across different types of software programs. Goodness knows how many apps there are under the Socialive umbrella (more all the time). It’s Final Cut Pro X in all its film-editing glory for Visualive, plus the video- and audio-recording hardware. We loved using GoAnimate to make a couple of front-page explainer animations. Then for our own inhouse design capabilities we use Adobe InDesign. It’s truly lovely, from the eye-preserving graphite interface to the sanity-preserving tools. Then there are the office applications, like Keynote and Pages (just upgraded to 6.1), and many more.

First came the 3Deal Square. Then we developed and created the range of promotional material for our January and February Socialive campaigns, which consists of mailshots as well as online activity and e-shots.

The front of the postcard for our Socialive mentoring service. We chose it as being striking and versatile.

There is a Socialive postcard (pictured). Finally there’s the Socialive edition of the 3Deal trifold brochure. It mentions all 4 of our branded digital services, but concentrates on Socialive.

If you’d like to know more about how our in-house design capabilities can help your business, just get in touch. You can take advantage of any of our services to help you and your business in a range of key activities, from content marketing, strategic communications, reputation management and so much more. To find out how how our design solutions can help you, call today for a free consultation.

The inside of the Socialive edition of our popular trifold brochure. Socialive is prioritised, whilst Digitalive, Visualive and Verbalive are mentioned in the background.

The outside of the Socialive edition of our popular trifold brochure. This has as much 'white space' as possible, plus a personalised message.


3Deal 4 colour line


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