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One of the illustrations from 'Dying to Know' by Oonagh Bastille.[2013 Archive]

I completed a sensitive and useful book for Oonagh Bastille of Haven Asset Management. This is entitled ‘Dying to Know’ and is by Oonagh Bastille, herself an Independent Financial Adviser of 20 years experience. She has brought her professional and personal experience together to write a book that will be beneficial to anyone who is coming to terms with the end of a close relative’s life.

The book has chapters on:

  1. Dealing with Death: A step by step guide through what to do, benefits that may be available, with useful checklists and contacts.
  2. Wills: Why you should make a Will, things to consider and who deals with what.
  3. Advance Decision/ Living Will: What this is, how to make your wishes clear, with useful checklists and contacts.
  4. Powers of Attorney: Different Powers of Attorney, what to use them for, who to involve, with examples and useful checklists.
  5. Funeral Plans: What’s available, how to plan your funeral, with useful checklists and contacts.
  6. Trusts: What is a Trust, what to use them for, who is involved with useful checklists.
  7. Probate: A step-by-step guide through what to do.  With Asset Snap©,  how to prepare for a simple Probate and useful checklists.
  8. Getting Organised: Clearing the decks, organising your documents and useful checklists.

We have enjoyed producing 2 versions of this book. The first is an interactive PDF and the second is a print-on-demand through the services of Lulu. The interactive PDF is available as a digital download from Oonagh Bastille’s professional website (read more *here), with bookmarks for ease of navigation. Because there are useful tables of checklists that can be referenced, printed, duplicated or cut out, we considered the PDF to be more versatile and therefore preferable to a static page ePub.

‘Dying to Know’ is certainly a tasteful, practical and sympathetic book that we would recommend to anyone facing bereavement.

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