I lived, studied and worked in Egypt for some years in the early 1990s. This page contains links to some of the surviving work that stemmed from that period such as Steel in the Sand (2002), Cairo to the Coast (2004) and a few blog posts from 2013. It is possible I have also amassed the world’s largest private collection of Egyptian Edmonson railway tickets so I’ve added a few links about that too. For stuff about Arabic and the wider Middle East, please click the button (right)….

Steel in the Sand – The History of Egypt and its Railways 1852-2002

My book on the history of modern Egypt and its extensive and historic railway network was originally published in 2002. It is still available as a downloadable PDF priced at £4.95 (text only) and £7.95 (illustrated).

Cairo to the Coast: 7 video snippets from chapters in 2004 documentary

I created Cairo to the Coast as a companion work to Steel in the Sand. Originally this was a 67-minute video covering all aspects of Egypt’s railway network between Cairo, the Nile Delta and the Mediterranean Coast.

Egyptian Railway blogs posts: a selection from the 2013 website

The remnants of the Ismailiya - Bir el-Abd line in north Sinai. Photo: Ala el-Qamhawi from Al-Masry Al-Youm.

During 2013 I created a website to showcase Egyptian Railways (not an official website). As I did so, Egypt went through huge political changes so these blog posts chronicle this aspect of Egyptian life during 6 months of extraordinary stress.

The world’s largest private collection of Egyptian Edmonson railway tickets?

My travels by train in Egypt in the early 1990s were on a railway system little-changed since its creation in the 19th century. I collected nearly 2000 Edmonson tickets from village stations all over Egypt and show a few here.