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Office: (44) (0) 5603 676623  |  Independent Communications Consultancy based Westminster, London SW1

How Your Personal Stories Can Boost Your Career

How your personal stories can boost your career prospects

Be the guy people want to listen to…

Be the guy people want to listen to again and again! Who knows what doors that might open to enrich your future life and career? 

Imagine you know the ways to get and hold someone’s attention, and to block others from interrupting you. You will be making the most of your past and making it work for your future. 

Imagine you have a few of your own true stories ready to tell about your journey through life and your experience, to share and connect with others. 

My experience around the world led to me helping people be more effective in social and professional situations. When others began asking me how I did it I created my method to share with other people. My method is available as a single programme or separate courses – this part is ‘Your Journey So Far’.

I’ve made sure this method works when guys have been trying different things but haven’t found what works for them. It empowers men over 50 to really get to grips with their full life experience and unlocks the potential for them to be sharp and in control, to win competitive advantage, for as long as they wish. 

Career coaches can be too narrow. Life coaches can be too ‘airy-fairy’. Friends and family are often too busy. So they don’t work for everyone. 

But the Talk Yourself Up Power Method does work… simply because it is a practical step-by-step method to empower men to excel in their later careers; to master their lives and even extend their earning potential.

Just about everyone I explain it to is surprised by how simple it really is.

Simply click this link to discover more about this part of my method… ‘Your Journey So Far’. 

You can start making your past experience important for your future today, straight away! You deserve to be happy.

Please reach out and get in touch if Talk Yourself Up can help you. 

Finally… so many people who have talked to me about the Talk Yourself Up Power Method tell me they thought their best days were far behind them. Now they realise their later life can be the triumph they deserve. 

This part of my method is called ‘Your Journey So Far’. Simply click this link now to discover more about this course and you could start bringing your experience to life straight away today!

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Read about 'Your Journey So Far' and Start Today!

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