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Your website is your shop window. So you should be able to represent your business in its current form to people who visit your site, and that means the latest branding, up-to-date photos and images, copyright dates and so forth. Of course you also need excellent content to invite your visitors to linger longer on your site and eventually to perform an action you choose for them. Actions might be to sign up for a newsletter, phone you, share the page on social media or even buy something. All of these different parts of website design require sophisticated planning and implementation, which is where we come in. We can help you with initial advice and guidance, and we can also create beautiful fully-functional websites that suit your business needs.


Creating your website is a major project in itself but your work cannot end when it’s finished. You cannot rely on chance to let people know your website exists, and that’s where Search Engine Optimisation becomes important. These are straightforward techniques you can use to help make your website easier for people to discover when they are searching the internet for products, services and information. We are happy to talk through any aspect of SEO with you, and naturally if you ask us to create your website we’ll offer our SEO services as standard.


Selling direct to customers is one of the major strengths of the internet. It’s very straightforward to incorporate ecommerce facilities on your website so visitors can buy something immediately. We use this ourselves and we’ve set it up for many clients over the years, complete with product ranges, payment gateways, email auto-responder sequences and – crucially – full data compliance and security. Why not discuss your plans with us?


Mark's Approach

I created an organising system to help small businesses organise their marketing activities, mainly because I was fed up with seeing owners and directors struggle with what to do.

I write valuable and persuasive copy text for web pages that help move and convert visitors into customers. Over the years I’ve written copy for countless web pages as well as hundreds of blog posts on a diverse range of topics from business to technology, politics and marketing.

Below is a selection of the work I’ve done on behalf of clients. How can I help you?

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