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Office: (44) (0) 5603 676623  |  Independent Communications Consultancy based Westminster, London SW1

Marketing MOT Workbook

On a scale of 1 – 10, I would rate the marketing MOT programme and materials a solid 10.  As someone whose language is NOT marketing or strategic communication, all of the materials provided have demystified things for me, so I can now implement a robust and intelligent strategy, which will only serve to enhance and grow my business. I’m not entirely sure where there could be room for improvement with any aspect of the Marketing MoT. Was the Marketing MoT a good investment for your business? Absolutely – without any shadow of doubt. Would you recommend the Marketing MoT to other businesses? Yes – 100%

Lisa Wolfe BSc (Psych) DSFH HPD MNCH (Reg.) AfSFH (Reg.) PTSD & Trauma Specialist
Founder, Lisa Wolfe & Associates

The Book’s History

Can we predict the future? The answer is usually ‘no’. But if you’re in marketing, running your own business or thinking of starting a business, you must try to predict your future and be right as much as possible.

I draw from over 30 years of communications experience to offer you a systematic way of making vital decisions about the future… in as painless a way as possible. Start from just 5 minutes every day.

About the Book

Don’t start marketing without using this book first!

Based on the respected consultancy programme of the same name, this handy book identifies a vital 50 questions that every business should be able to answer. Based on the author’s OPAL Dashboard, devised from over 30 years in communications, these 50 questions build on one another through five modules: Reflect – Own – Plan – Act – Link. The answers you give build each other cumulatively so that you create for yourself – without too much effort – an effective strategic marketing plan based on a content marketing approach, and tailored expressly to your own business needs. Before the end of the book, you should be more confident, have more clarity of purpose and be able to work more efficiently.

This workbook is purposely designed in A5 format so you can print 2 pages on each side of A4 paper.

If you like this approach and want something with more detail, try my Marketing Meditations book.