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In January 2014, I created a 60-minute radio show for internet station Deal Community Radio. It involved a lot of unpaid work: about 14 hours of scripting, interviewing, editing and voiceovers to produce this experimental show, but great fun. I think the end result was interesting and entertaining.

It had music from:

  • Train (Drive By),
  • Rufus Wainwright (California),
  • Pet Shop Boys (Suburbia),
  • Cyndia Lauper (Girls Just Gotta Have Fun) and
  • Blondie (One Way or Another).

I ran 4 interviews with some really interesting people:

  • Janet Robinson, clothing designer and creator from The Robing Room
  • Dana Sayyar, artist and teacher for the Children’s Art Class
  • Silvia Lees, Spanish tutor
  • Roy Roberts, renowned clairvoyant
  • Chris Gillies, international hypnotist

The show included a round-up of classes, workshops and events from Luke Besant and myself.

This was an experimental programme for a fledgling internet radio station, and was intended to showcase local people’s voices and many of the Astor Theatre’s activities. It was first broadcast on 20th and 21st January 2014.

As well as my involvement, this project was a partnership between the Astor Theatre and Chris Gill from DCR. The audio interviews from this show are still available to listen *here.

I helped project manage Deal Community Radio for the first part of 2014 and this involved a number of firsts for the station and all involved. After about 6 months activity we had to stop as the pressures of our family and work commitments caught up with all of us.

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