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Office: (44) (0) 5603 676623  |  Independent Communications Consultancy based Westminster, London SW1

Practical Business Communications

Imagine a weekly magazine that builds up to 52 weekly parts – a whole year – and gives you amazing insight into all aspects of communications. Scroll down to see all 52 available topics.

If you’re seeking to deepen and broaden your knowledge of communications this Practical Business Communications Course is for you. Perhaps you’re considering studying at university or you’re thinking of starting a business. Perhaps you want to excel in your field. 

We created this programme for you.

The Practical Business Communications Course gives you deep and broad knowledge.

Use this course in general to gain practical knowledge. Use it specifically to improve the marketing and communications of your own business. It’s your choice. 

From our extensive communications experience we’ve identified over 300 questions you – owner or freelancer – should be able to answer about your business and professional communications. This is the course to banish any nagging doubts you’ve forgotten something or your stress about the technical stuff. 

As well as improving your knowledge and confidence throughout the programme, at the end you receive a full report that you can use as your strategic communications plan going forward. So after the course you can use your strategic plan and knowledge to manage your communications more effectively. You can also work better with your colleagues and 3rd party suppliers, such as web developers, marketers and IT support.

What you get:

  • One-to-one personal tuition via video with MCIPR professional and communications practitioner.
  • Invite one extra person to attend with you at no extra cost.
  • Tailored to your specific requirements for immediate use.
  • Weekly sessions via video at times of mutual convenience.
  • Comprehensive report forms your future strategic communications plan.
  • Free printable workbook.
  • Unlimited support for the duration of your course.
  • Continuing support for the month following your course.

PLUS, for non-native English speakers and learners: Improve your practical skills AND improve your English language skills with a native English speaker who is a MCIPR communications professional and qualified EFL teacher. This is the course a doubly efficient use of your time!

How it Works:

The Review module with 5 topics is a compulsory part of the initial discovery and onboarding meeting so we can agree the objectives. This is charged at a flat rate of £250.

From there it is very straightforward if you want to do every topic in sequence. It is billed monthly in advance by direct debit (set up in advance). If you book the entire course and pay in advance or monthly in advance by direct debit, you benefit from every topic being charged at £175, a potential saving of £750.

We offer flexible arrangements and pricing. So if you want to mix and match, your first 10 topics are £250 each. Additional topics up to 52 are £175 each. We work with you to help you select the most useful topics for your requirements. From there we schedule the topics in sequence. These are all payable in advance.*

Course Contents:

Every topic falls into one of the five modules listed below. They typically take 90-120 minutes each via video plus homework and preparation time. From our experience we suggest the best pace is to do one topic per week. The modules are:

  1. Review: Review what your business aims to do in the future so you can communicate it better. Once you know this firmly it makes later decisions much easier. This module is a compulsory part of the initial discovery/onboarding meeting. Topics 1-5.
  2. Own: This module cover the ‘digital infrastructure’ your organisation should own in order to communicate as effectively as it needs to. This is a chance to grasp the technicalities of the business. Topics 6-19.
  3. Plan: Here is where you start thinking strategically about your business and what tools you will need to communicate long-term to different audiences, in order to create relationships and ultimately, sell your goods and services. Topics 20-35.
  4. Activate: Drawing on the previous work this module guides you through the way in which you can actually communicate, now and in the future, through different channels and platforms to different audiences. Topics 36-44.
  5. Link: This is the work you do to engage and build relationships with the right people, for example through digital marketing and social media. Topics 45-52.

The Final Report forms your Strategic Communications Plan.

Your notes and decisions build to give you and your business one of the most practical and comprehensive Strategic Communications Plans you could possibly write – all your own work with our help. Having such a thorough written plan will give you a huge competitive advantage over your competitors who have no clear strategy. 

*Terms and conditions apply for billing and invoicing; guarantees; no-shows and cancellations.

All 52 Topics:

  1. Aims
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Human Interest
  4. About 3Deal
  5. Scope of Activities
  6. Brand Values
  7. Tone of Voice
  8. Design & Logo
  9. Brand Story Questions
  10. Business Vision
  11. Comms Vision
  12. Business Mission
  13. Comms Mission
  14. Domain
  15. Hosting
  16. Website
  17. Mailboxes
  18. Shop/Ecommerce
  19. Plugins
  20. Document Sharing
  21. Budget
  22. Resources (Personnel)
  23. Customer Avatars
  24. CRM System
  25. KPIs
  26. SEO & Analytics
  27. Calendar Timescale
  28. Editorial Calendar
  29. Calendar Contents
  30. Calendar Structure
  31. Your Support Services
  32. Your Support Services
  33. Your Support Services
  34. Your Support Services
  35. Our Support Services
  36. AMBER Attract
  37. AMBER Mailing LIst
  38. AMBER Buyers
  39. AMBER Essential/Refined
  40. Website
  41. Layout
  42. Blogging
  43. Audio Content
  44. Video Content
  45. Email Marketing System
  46. Email Marketing Targeting
  47. Email Marketing Campaigns
  48. Email Marketing Contents
  49. Social Media 1
  50. Social Media 2
  51. Networking
  52. Automation