Security incidents in quiet places

 In Egypt

This post deals with a protest on the pretty Benha-Minuf link line and and a bomb scare in Alexandria. In the absence of any photos, I’ve added some old tickets from my collection.

An old Edmonson ticket from Bagur to Saris el-Layan in Minufiya (Author)From el-Balad yesterday came this story:

Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood members organised a demonstration on a train at Saris el-Layan station in Minufiya Governorate. They boarded the train heading towards Kafr Shubra Zangi [the next station east towards Benha]. The demonstrators demanded that ousted President Morsi be restored, as well as protesting about what they called the ‘military coup’, and held up placards and stuck stickers on the station and train saying ‘Down with military rule’.


Mamura is the junction for Abu Qir and also for Rosetta and Mutubis (Author)The bomb scare was in Saturday’s [21/9] Misrawy:

There was a bomb scare at Mamura station on Saturday when passengers reported a suspicious package to the security authorities. Alexandria’s Criminal Investigations Director BG Nasir el-Abad said wires were discovered in the package when checked, but no explosives. Train services on the Alexandria Metro line to Abu Qir resumed after the investigation.

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