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Office: (44) (0) 5603 676623  |  Independent Communications Consultancy based Westminster, London SW1


Enhancing Your Speaking Skills

Public speaking is one of those skills that genuinely enhance your life. It boosts confidence but also gives opportunities for career and professional advancement because you have the ability to address groups of people. It is up to you how large the groups of people are: from small meetings to large events and even groups at social occasions such as weddings.

Before you speak, unless you are truly gifted, you will need to make some preparations and understand your own style. Ask yourself some questions such as how good is your memory and how nervous do you get? What subject do you want to speak about and who will be in the audience? We’re here to help with all of these preparations, from initial conversations right through to live performances and improvement plans. Get in touch today.


Speaking on media channels: TV, radio, video, podcasts

With a multitude of TV channels, radio stations, videos and podcast shows now around there is a constant demand for guests. That means it’s important for your personal growth and professional career that you master the tips and techniques of public speaking on these shows. Become a good guest and people will invite you back. It’s fun and effective.


Speaking at events

When you finally pluck up the courage to speak in public at an event you will have crossed a major barrier to personal and professional success. Addressing a live audience can be very daunting even for professional and experienced speakers, and this can be heightened further if the audience contains people you know: your fellow professionals, friends or relatives. We’re here to help you get through these barriers so you become comfortable in your public speaking.

Speaking Arabic
What Mark Says:

I speak on Communications Leadership: how business owners and directors must and can lead their organisations’ communications.

As well as corporate life, I illustrate my presentations with examples from my 25-year experience as an Arabic and Middle East expert, as an experienced linguist, communications expert and political analyst.

In over 30 years of professional communications roles in 3 languages, encompassing 2 wars, senior corporate roles and a wide spread of audiences, I make the technical accessible. I take complex issues and get to the heart of the matter: tailoring and making the subject matter relevant for the audience.

What People Say:
  • “I really enjoyed Mark’s presentation. He seems to have fitted about three lifetimes into one! Although there was a practical and useful element to his talk, it was the nuggets about Mark’s experiences that I have really taken away. I certainly recommend taking the opportunity to attend one of Mark’s presentations, if you can.”

    Michael Gordon
    Vows that Wow
  • “Many thanks for yesterday. You were a brilliant guest and it was a great interview. I would really like to have you on again soon to explore more of your amazing story.”


    Paul Andrews
    Host, Business Bunker Radio Show
  • “Mark, I wanted to write and say a HUGE thanks for taking part in the Business Diaries last night. It was a wonderful evening of storytelling and I was very touched by your interpretation of The Gift. I can’t help but wonder where that young lady is now and how her life is.  I hope she is well and happy. I have received lovely feedback today.”

    Lisa Settle
    Director, Telcare Ltd
  • “Mark gave a fantastic presentation yesterday at Canterbury. Entitled ‘Ringers’, this was an informative and entertaining talk on storytelling within marketing, from an engaging presenter. I would thoroughly recommend attendance at a meeting where Mark is presenting.”


    Ian Shipman
    Senior Travel Advisor - Your Travel
  • “I saw Mark give a talk at Charing Cross London and really enjoyed it. It was clear that Mark has had a fascinating career, working and spending so much time in the Middle East. I was also very impressed by how many languages he speaks. A very likeable and genuine guy.”


    David Moon
    CEO Auxilium Training
  • “I didn’t get the chance to speak to you about your presentation. It was really good and I would be happy to hear it again 😀”

    John Turner
    CEO, Educational Life
  • “Lovely photos Mark, and a fabulous presentation. Loved it. Gave me goosebumps!”

    Lisa Wolfe
    Founder, Lisa Wolfe & Associates

Want to improve your speaking skills? We love to help!

Speaking skills are so important nowadays in all sorts of professional roles. Call us today on 01304 728977 or contact via Twitter or LinkedIn to discuss your plans and how we can help you.

Mark Goldfinch as an Arabic interpreter in Amara, Iraq, 21st March 2006.
Mark has been a presenter and speaker since the 1990s and learned early about the importance of planning your communications in advance. Mark has continued his regular speaking work expanding into radio, video and podcasts with TV along the way. These include his first documentary (Cairo to the Coast) in 2004, episodes of Making History (2009), numerous interviews and radio work including being co-host of a business radio show (2018). He also speaks Arabic and French and has given interviews in both.
Mark Goldfinch speaking as guest speaker at the Networkers Networking, Kenward House.
Mark Goldfinch interviewed by Channel Radio's Business Show, 23rd August 2017
Mark Goldfinch leads the pitch to win grant funding (January 2014)
Mark Goldfinch speaking at the Cavalry and Guards Club, Piccadilly, London