Team-building and Bread-making

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Mark, Cameron and Luke at the Chequers team-buildingWhat do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘team-building’? At previous companies, I’ve been whitewater rafting and punting among other things, but it doesn’t have to be strenuous. The aim is to give the team memories to share and remember other than the regular office- and work-based activities.

The 3Deal Studio team booked ourselves on a team-building event back in November, when the end of January seemed an implausibly long time away. Being a dark and damp English winter, and being office-based, we thought it would be a change of scene at least.

In the intervening time, App-to-Date hosts Cameron and Luke have created numerous shows, switched over from Season 1 to Season 2 (which involved lots of tricky decisions behind the scenes), and worked on another huge project. We’ve also had Christmas and New Year as well. It’s been busy.

So yesterday we hopped in a taxi for a short trip on the Ancient Highway north of town to The Chequers. The Chequers is an historic country inn that enthusiastic new owners Stephanie Hayman and Pieter van Zyl gave a makeover last year. They transformed it into a stylish restaurant, cookery school and community kitchen. For January, the weather couldn’t have been kinder: dazzling sunshine and mild sea breezes.

Pieter set the team to work making flatbread. He demonstrated and we followed, mixing the sticky ingredients then kneading the dough and finally cooking them in the pans. They proved delicious, especially dipped in oil with crushed nuts and spices. We even had enough left to take home.

We don’t usually get our hands dirty whilst working, let alone wear aprons so this was a far cry from researching smartphones and apps, and spending time staring at various screens. Mastering some unfamiliar techniques (and technology!) was exactly what we were hoping for. We came away after a couple of hours having learnt some new skills and had a great time.

Read more about the Chequers Restaurant and Cookery School here.

Luke and Cameron at the Chequers team-building day

Mark, Luke and Cameron at the Chequers team-building day

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